Social media & its role in a teens life.

Even Though Web Designing Companies do not consider these impacts, being one of the best Web Designing & Software development firms in Trivandrum, we always monitor the socialisation and digitalisation impacts on the public. We always believe that public is our backbone and their wellbeing is our satisfaction.

Social media is a lively & instant communicative platform. Just at a moment you reach out to your globally spread-out audience. The most active ones in social media are teens (aged between 13 and 17).

Different Social Platforms and their influence.

Initially, Facebook was the king. But then the crown was passed on to YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, twitter and Snapchat. As per a recent survey conducted by Pew Research Centre 51%, evermore than half of teenagers in U.S aged between 13 and 17 years is engaged in YouTube, Instagram, twitter and Snapchat when compared to Facebook.

Let’s browse through the Internet usage & its summary.

According to Pew research survey 95% of teenagers use smartphones and 45% are instantly online. With 95% of smartphone users and 88% of desktop/laptop users Availability & Accessibility to Social Platforms are more, nowadays. Currently 9/10 teens are online at multiple times a day. From the survey we can note that girls are more often online compared to boys. Games also attract teens to the online world.90% of teens depend on smartphones/computers & 84% of teens utilise game consoles.

The Platform wise Impact:

Facebook: Initially during 2014-2015 the usage was 71% among the teens which decreased to 51% during 2018-2020.It was noticed that teens with lower income & also black teens were more active on Facebook.

Youtube: More teens are engaged in Youtube.85% teens use and 32% prefer more to use this application .39% of boys and 29% girls were voting for YouTube.

Snapchat: Snapchat is more preferred by girls that is 42% of girls & 29% of boys is the statistics. Even Though 69% of teens use the platform 41% of white teens 29% of Hispanic and 23% of black teens are the most engaged ones.

Twitter: Even though boys prefer twitter more than girls,32% of teens are Twitter addicts.

Instagram: 72% of teens use Instagram and this is the most preferable among the applications.

Social media:


  • Amazing communicative path.
  • Easy platform to express emotions & opinions.
  • Easy platform for social awareness & information.
  • Helps to meet different people.


  • A bigger platform which increases more chances of teasing and trolling against an individual.
  • One can have a masked identity and one Can’t assure the identity of the individual we communicate with.
  • Nullifies face-to-face or direct conversations & socialising in reality will be neglected.
  • Disturbs the mind & makes us addicted to a social platform.

As a tech firm, even though digitalisation is beneficial for us, we Pravu’s team focuses on public wellness also.

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