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Spring Dale Pre-School

Welcome to a new learning experience! Engage your child to a stress free learning program at Springdale "Where learning is fun". International curriculum, well trained passionate teachers, affectionate caretakers, spacious classrooms, modern school amenities, safe indoor & outdoor play area and all makes us unique. We strive to transform every Springdaler into smart, enthusiastic and confident young citizens. Springdale will always be a home away from home for your little ones.

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Link : www.springdalepreschool.com

MGM School

MGM Central Public School,(MGMCPS),established in 2005 as a co-educational institution under the management of Geevarghese Yohannan Charitable Trust, is widely acclaimed for its pioneering contribution in the field of education. As envisioned by its founder and chairman Geevarghese Yohannan, the school is committed to providing world class education supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology aided teaching.

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Link : www.mgmschool.com

Aquatic Care

Aquatic Care in Trivandrum specialises in designing swimming pools that add beauty to your home. High-quality craftsmanship is what sets us apart from other swimming pool builders in Kerala. Extensive research and long experience have enabled us to develop the most modern and innovative range of swimming pools in India. We offer competitive pricing that suits every budget.

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Link : www.aquaticcare.in

Vintage Halton

If you are looking for a property with 360 degree view over the hill which boasts an airy well lite, comfortable rooms with state of the art facilities in the skirts of Trivandrum. Look No Further...! This Mansion has it all.

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Link : www.vintagehalton.com

SM Marains

A successful legacy that pans over five decades in providing marine engineering solutions has made SM Marians an industryleader in India. Located in Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, the company has been serving the marine fishing sector in the country since 1962. Read More

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Link : www.smmarains.com

Biryani Walla

Who doesn't love Biryani? To all Biryani lovers out there our curated menu features all varieties of Biryanis from the local spots you love. Biryani Walla delivers the best Biryanis right when you want it at Lightning-Speed. Just click a button, meet your driver outside, and enjoy.

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Link : www.biryaniwalla.com

Kiddz Palace

Our school was started on 15th April 2014 with only few numbers of kids. Now it reached more than thirty students. Our priority from the first day onwards is the quality of service. By teaching students we had a lot of commitment towards each of the student, their parents & to the society as awhole. We are committed to provide the best quality of education & care to each kid because they are the future citizens who are going to lead our society, our nation. So no compromise to any areas on quality like hygiene, cleanliness, teaching, play sessions, activities etc…..

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Link : www.kiddzpalace.com

Spicemix House

Spicemix House is the culinary offspring of two hungry professionals, Anoj and Alexis; one from the lush Southern Indian state of Kerala, and the other born and raised in the heart of beautiful rural Cheshire. Most people in Britain are familiar with traditional North Indian cuisine that makes up most restaurant fare, but India is a huge country with unparalleled diversity in people, traditions, and most importantly for us, its food!

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Link : www.spicemixhouse.com

Dream Lake Events

CreatEve is a destination that meets all your needs and demands. We got our company established at the wake of the year 2013. A team of creative, innovative and dynamic individuals came together and the rest is history. Each and every one in our team is specialized in the area he/she deals with. Having experience to support, we have started out to create a change in the way we plan and design our events. Even though Kerala is a modern state; it still holds its cultural touch in everything. Being from this very state, we have designed packages that would suit the needs of our people.

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Link : www.dreamlakeevents.in

Kidszee Nursery

Welcome to Kidszee Nusary Ajman- a garden of your little ones. Every child craves for love and care. Kidszee Nursary Ajman provides such care to the kids in our hands. Kidszee strives to bring in quality in forming the children left in our care. Parents'continous entrustment in us has been the secret of the success we reap. Unique feature of our service is giving individual care and attention to Each and every child and providing them with various platforms to explore the potentials in them.

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Link : www.kidszeenursery.com

Omega Consulting Engineers

Omega Consulting Engineers is an electromechanical contractor established by a group of young and dynamic building services professionals who shared the same vision. Our vision is to establish Omega Consulting Engineers as a reputed brand in the field of building services as a design and build contractor by providing our clients with class leading engineering solutions which are not only cost-effective but have lesser impact on the environment.

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Link : www.omegace.com

Dr Franklin Panchakarma Centre

According to Ayurveda, the root cause of most diseases is improper digestion. Indigestion is caused by eating habits, nature of work, life style, lack of exercises, etc. This undigested food causes forma of toxins (called also as 'Aama' in Ayurveda) in our body. It creates imbalances in our body, mind and soul and we are exposed to diseases. The God gifted medical system "Ayurveda" eliminates toxins in natural way (Panchakarma) and restores the health.

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Link : www.drfranklin.com

Moneta Financial and Advisory Services

Moneta Financial and Advisory Services was established, keeping in view, the importance of financial planning, investment and financial resources in everyone's life as well as the corporate world in the modern era. We offer our services in trading in the stock market as well as life/financial planning which will enable our customers to attain life goals, financial affluence and lead a secured life by investing and saving a part of their income in a systematic manner in different financial instruments. We also arrange for finance for business and personal needs like loan against Property and Home loans.

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Link : www.monetaindia.com

Dr. Chandrika Balan

Dr. Chandrika is the author of 4 critical books and 36 research papers in English. She has also translated widely from English to Malayalam and from Malayalam to English and has received the Katha National Award for English translation.

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Link : www.chandrikabalan.com

Rite Click

Rite Click Learning Point is an after school academic forum, Serving children with tutoring in San Diego, in the area of Miramar, Sabre Springs, Poway, Scripps Ranch and Rancho Penasqitos, from ages 4 and up. We offer math and English tutoring in San Diego, year-round. Our main priority is to help your child attain the skills and understanding they need to be success in their studies.

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Link : www.rclpoint.com

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